Thursday, May 24, 2007

Write Create eBook Content Promote Your Product By Means Of Video Medium

Write and Create Your eBook Content. And, Promote Your Products By Using Videos for Your Advertisements and Descriptive Communication to Your Potential Customers.

On May 22, 2007 Google posted by the Inside AdSense Team (Google's quote) "Adsense Coming To A Video Near You" on their Blog.

To again quote Google, “in-stream ads in video will add value to publishers' video content”.

The evolution of digital medium and content is King. At least that is the way the Inside Adsense Blog from the Google Team sees it.

If you write create your own ebooks and use any form of adverts to promote sales, you should consider advertisements using video to increase sales.

If you are an owner of any style business, offline or on the Internet, you should also consider promoting and obtaining your traffic for increased sales using video. Every business is being affected by digital medium and its presence in the promotion and marketing for all types of products.

Even though the Flash and other style Video Movie making has been on the Internet for years, there is an overwhelming realization that websites (web sites) and digital products are more than just subject matter in text format. That is what Google says and states so in one of their newest Blog's for Adsense. The quote on the Adsense Teams's Blog is as follows, "Content is king." They also state, "We completely agree, and we also realize that these days website content is much more than just text -- it's also video.”

They launched a new pilot program to a select group of publishers to test streaming video adverts . Their purpose is to record data and learn more about when to play what video advertisements. Generally, they will be analyzing the basic cognitive process (psychological features) on how video is influencing sales and monetizing the Adsense content.

Sounds pretty important to me.. If Google is creating programs involving more than what they already are currently involved with on their Video Networks, I am sure it is very important. I always learn from those that are successful. It proves to be a benefit to me every time.

Google has been testing "click-to-play" video ads all wrapped up in Adsense bundles. However, now they are including online video content and testing to determine where the streaming video advertisements should actually display and what type of videos create positive results.

Google will take the statistical data, analyze the recordings and obtain factual determination to what video advertisements give rise to profitability.

No longer will it be only the Adsense advertisements that will be adding and providing text content and value to websites. Their projection is that video content will give rise to their visitors with much greater interest.

It surely seems, to me, as though Video Content will be King.

Although Video is not new the facet on Social Video Networks is red-hot.

Writing and Creating your own Digital Ebook Products and promoting them with Video is what your visitor, buyer and reader will come to expect from your message and subject matter.

It really is an easy determination. It is obvious for many reasons. All you have to do is, ask yourself one simple question. Would you like to read a 10 page sales page about the product of interest to you? Or, would you rather watch, listen and learn the important issues about a product in a five or ten minute video?

Depending upon your answer, you will make the decision to advertise using video or many pages of text content for your sales adverts on websites and auctions.

Marketing is a challenge no matter what product you have for sale. Whether you are using Adsense to monetize text or video content is not really the issue. The greater of the lesson in reading this information Google provides is that video is of great importance in advertisement.

You can learn from those that are successful like Google as I do. The market is ripe and will only grow with digital medium being the main resource to promoting products of all types.

In prior eBay blogs I commented on ABC, NBC FOXNEWS and more were getting involved in the direct competition to Google, YouTube and others. There is a provable and apparent realization to the evolution in digital video medium as being excitingly profitable. All of those projections are now factual events and actions.

Moving into video on your websites and auctions is merely the fact of normal exposure to the new generation of visitors and targeted buyers. You can obtain more information and comments about video promotion by contacting me at

To Be Continued.

Kindest Regards, B. Robert