Years prior to any mention of an 'ebook' or what it was, I envisioned a digitized bookstore with electronic access to information. I also visualized computers like tiny transistor radios-very much like Ipods and Smartphones are today. The year was 1986....

As a technical writer, computer programmer, instructor and technological support professional, it was easy to create informational and digital products, and assist others who wished to create electronic style ebooks.

I created my first eBook in 2003. I quickly sold my ebook products on eBay, other auctions and my own websites.

I was fascinated with the immediate access to the endless information and the capabilities to search and index digital contents. I found the experience not only beneficial to any learning environment, but very exciting.

I was overwhelmed with all the information at my fingertips and the ability to obtain knowledge on almost all subjects with simply searching on the Internet.

I created my first eBook using HTML compilation e-book software application. I can still use this eBook today as I created only one HTML page with additional pages, web pages, via Internet link access . In other words the one page eBook had Internet hypertext links to all of the chapter pages included.

I tested many different eBook HTML compiler applications in addition to various PDF software converters.

As of this date in April 2012, I am always amazed to see or hear about the very latest technological advances in computerization.

The other day, I overheard, only by accident, a conversation two very young adults, approximately 12 to 14 years old, were discussing while they were watching an aged person, 65 years or older, when she was talking on their smartphone.

One of the young adults was in awe that the older person was able to figure out how to use the newer technology. They made the following comment, "Wow, can't believe that old girl knows how to use a smartphone. I thought to myself, "how foolish that comment was from a younger person." I smiled to myself, and under my breath I said, "Probably, if it had not been for those 'older people', there would not be a Smarthphone to talk on. Younger folks don't realize we, older folks, designed & created including advanced the very technology they use!

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