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You want to write and become an author. You have a strong desire to write and create your own ebook or even book. You want to be different than many who simply talk about writing their own material; yet, they never actually do publish their works.

You have a hope within to make a difference in this world. You want to provide your information and sell it for a small or reasonable price. You might be willing to allow others to read the first few chapters for free. You are sure once they can get the opportunity to actually read your story or informative subject matter, they will purchase the balance of your chapters....

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Your dream of becoming a writer seems a difficult endeavor because you don't know how or where to start. You know how to write in a word processor, but you don't have all the techniques and tricks you see when you read others ebooks.

So... day after day.. you never take the steps to begin or embark upon your greatest desire to publish your inner mind and soul of what you really want to say to the world, either fiction or of non-fiction.

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Your job, holidays, the kids, friends, movies, vacations, television, sports and just about everything else you do daily, weekly and monthly all have priority to your greatest desire.

What if I told you that it will not take you a very long time to write and create and publish your very own eBook!

Would you believe me? Probably not!

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You most likely will think that I am scamming or selling a lot of hype.

You have good cause to think that! Most marketers of ebook creation and publishing products do tell dishonest tales and use leading sales pitches and lines to grab your attention so they can make a sale.

You read their entire sales page content hoping it will be something that will enable you to realize your dream to become an author. You finally get to the bottom of the advertisement to find out that you must pay a one time fee of $50 or even a monthly payment of $20. Yep.... the price is too steep.... to just start.... has the real education to achieve your dream to become a writer.

What if I told you I can provide everything you will require to get you started and be able to publish your ebook for $9.95.

$9.95 does get you started and teaches, trains and guides you step-by step with the instructions required to write, create, promote and publish your very own digital product.

Would you believe me?

I hope you will, because I also hope you will start today and begin living a dream you sincerely wish to achieve and be successful in your action. provides the information and training tutorials including resources and or products you will need to achieve your writing project.


Some of my ebook history:

I purchased my first ebook compiler approximately 5 years ago. I installed it and started the program and for 6 months plus, I never did any more.

I was intimidated by the software application even though I am a computer professional and technical writer by profession.

I would go back to the software again and again, however, I did not quite understand what it was I needed to do to compile my stories and informational products and publish them.

Then one day I finally said to myself, "This cannot be that hard". I sat down at the computer with the software and after much stress, trials and tribulations I completed my first ebook.

I was surprised once I moved past the unknown into the heart of the development, that it really was not all that difficult.

Subsequently, I was able to complete ebook after ebook and product after product quickly and easily.

I wished there had been some instruction because the simple unknown details to create an ebook had me at a halt.

After completing and publishing the ebook to the Internet and then eBay, I was elated when I started selling my very own eBook Guide.

Wow! And, to think, I wasted so much time, simply because I could not figure out all of the steps that actually were required.

After a time, many of my readers who purchased my ebooks, emailed me asking me how they could create their own ebooks.

This is the very reason for creating my ebook e-course! I research, gathered and collected, wrote and developed Flash Enhanced Annotated Video Tutorials, included resources along with providing different types of software program applications to write, create and publish your very own ebook.

Additionally, you are able to request my assistance via email 24/7/365.

Additionally, you receive updated products when I believe them to be worthwhile at no extra costs to you.

I feel very positive that my eCourse is exactly what any aspiring or current author requires to successfully achieve their writing and publishing goals.

You will find the learning experience to be one of the best actions you will ever undertake.

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Kindest Regards, B. Robert